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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Boat Propeller.

A boat propeller is a fan that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust. The boat propeller does Dynamics are created by the spinning of three or more blades contained in a boat propeller. Pressure difference required between the forward and rear surfaces is created when the blades spin. Boat performance can be enhanced by choosing a correct propeller. Maximization of horsepower by the engine is achieved by selection of correct size and style of boat prop. Selection of props should be directly proportional to the size of the engine and boats.

Propeller size selected should let your engine operate at its correct rpm range. Proper rpms range should maintain when changing the number of blades. The material for propellers should be composite aluminum and stainless steel. Composite propellers are affordable durable and offer good performance. Aluminum props are commonly used because they exist in many models and styles. Stainless steel props offer the best durability and highest performance. Cupped boat propellers are the best at efficient fuel consumption. A boat propeller that allows the engine reach its maximum WOT should always be the main goal in selection.

If the performance of your current prop is good always choose a replacement prop that has a similar diameter. You can consider upgrading to a four blade prop rather than a three blade. Pitch and rpms are inversely related; fewer RPMs less pitch and vice versa. Since tournament boats are known to need high speed they should use props with high pitch. Lower pitch power props are recommended for houseboats and cruisers since they focus on efficiency at displacement speeds. In a case of different applications consider using different props. In pursuit to optimize the power of your engine make use of two props.

A new model has been establishes known as the modular boat propeller. They are becoming more popular among engine manufacturers. Money can be saved when using modular props since there is no need to purchase a second prop. There is always a chance that you will need to change propellers and thus always carry an extra propeller for such. An extra propeller on board will always save your time in the case of a props strike. Avoid replacing a damaged propeller on your own. Professionals should fix underperformance of your boat. Any attempt by you to replace a broken propeller may be fatal. In the process of selecting a propeller always pick the one that fit your boat best. A propeller with proper balance will run smoothly and produce no vibrations.

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